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KATO works tirelessly to push tech growth on the African continent. At KATO we work tirelessly to push hardware and tech growth on the African continent. We develop hardware prototypes, offer tech consulting and we manage several of South Africa’s most active and influential tech communities and events.  We also manage several of South Africa’s most active and influential tech communities and host events (all of which have been sold out for the last year).

Get in touch if you have any questions, KATO loves connecting people to tech.




At KATO we offer various services to help our clients get exactly what they need for their business be it a tech solution or helping to market their brand/product. Here are a few of the services we offer and how

  • Tech solutions: hardware, software and everything inbetween
  • Tech consulting: not everyone can be an expert in all areas tech, that is where we come in. Either someone on our team can guide or help you or we will connect you with the best in the area you need help in. 
  • Marketing and sales: we love working with tech companies to help them promote their brand and products. If this is an area you need hand give us a call.  

Since KATO runs so many tech communities and tech events we often get asked to run the following for clients, and we absolutely love getting involved!

  • Workshops: both public and corporate workshops, either to train staff or to promote your company.
  • Events: we run everything from talks to hackathons
  • Communities: companies often want to develop their own communities, we often help businesses do this.
  • Sponsors: we have sponsors for our communities and events. This help us pay for staff, food, drinks, prizes, training, etc. There are three tiers to our sponsorship which offer various benefits to the company and us. 

Women in Tech

Women In Tech Oct 201694.jpg


After coming to the shocking realisation that South Africa as little to no information of women in STEM, from education, work or business owners. 

Women in Tech Cape Town, along with other partners has decided to take this into our own hands


Get involved

KATO thrives on bringing people together to share ideas, inventions and talk about tech. We are about and for the public, so staying connected is at the very core of who we are. We work hard to bridge the gaps between people, tech and tech information, helping to break down the facade of intimidation around innovation, while staying connected to numerous, and ever-growing, tech industries.  Whether you are an expert in your field, or just curious about what’s happening, here are a few ways to get involved.



If you are keen to learn more about the cutting edge of technology and innovation, around the world and here in Africa, attend one of our events.

The KATO Tech Talks are formal speaker events, while the maker meetups and hackathons are more casual and fun. Our events will give you the chance to have a one-on-one experience with a specialist in order to find out more about intense, interesting and complicated topic that you may not otherwise have access to.


Our tech communities are inclusive spaces that bring people and technology together, bridging class, education, race and gender gaps to help eliminate those gaps forever.

We talk tech, build, design and teach tech, with the overall effect and aim of empowering one another through tech. We aim to help people to design and build a better future by giving them the skills they need to create in the real world the solutions inside their heads.



In order to keep bringing our communities together and hosting our events, we work with sponsors who share our goals and values: bringing tech and innovation to as many people as possible, and providing information about tech. Why sponsor events? For access to the cutting edge of tech and innovation, and a committed community of influential makers. View galleries from our past events to see our how sponsors have worked to align their brand and engage with the KATO community.

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