Collecting data

South Africa has a lack of data for women in STEM, from females being educated in STEM to working in the field. Various South African organizations and individuals have noticed this absence of statistics for a while now but we have decided to take the challenge of collecting this data on. 

Women in Tech Cape Town is partnering with various companies and organizations to collect both primary and secondary data on females being educated in, working in running companies in STEM. This project is being lead by Robyn Farah and Chantal Louw


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Please read below to understand if your career falls into STEM.

Women in tech community

Women in Tech Cape Town (WITCPT) is a community designed to empower females who are in tech or want to learn more about tech. We encourage men and women from all walks of life to be part of this group, as we are strong believers that the more diversity the better the solution. The more we try to understand and accept each other, the sooner we will start supporting each other and working together to bridge the gap!

We all use tech in our daily lives, so almost everyone can be considered to be in tech in some shape or form whether you are an engineer, journalist, teacher, project manager or CEO. 




Biological & Biomedical Sciences
Computer & information Sciences
Mathematics & Science
Computer & Information Sciences
Tech roles
Software developers (frontend & backend)
Computer & Information research scientists
Computer & Information systems analytics
Computer systems analysts
Computer hardware engineers
Computer programmers
Data analysis
Product owners
Agile managers
Information security analysts
Computer support specialists
Computer network architects
Operations research analysis
Web developer
Project manager